Creative a rustic headboard with Marcie K

Project Mission – Contemporary Rustic Headboard

Contemporary Rustic Headboard © Marcie K

You will need 

A bedhead to box in • Spare wood, e.g. bed slats • Measuring tape • Square ruler • Saw • Sander/sanding paper • Combination drill/driver • Screws • Spirit level •Reclaim Issue 68

Due to the nature of my work, I often inherit furniture from family and friends, which is how I ended up with this orange-pine spindle bed. While the style isn’t my cup of tea, it’s so much sturdier than my current bed so I couldn’t say no. So in the true spirit of upcycling, I used the wood from my old bed to box in the spindles I hated so much and give it a more contemporary feel. But the added bonus of having a shelf to hang plants, or better still, fairy lights, like some sort of interior influencer, is really what got me excited.

This is just a rough tutorial on how to change things you have using leftover wood – your bed or project will be different – and although I’m by no means a carpenter, I’m always up for having a go. So even though I have some fancy tools this is still something you could do with a saw, a hammer and nails. I know I mention this a lot, but IKEA is a great place to get spare wood for projects; some branches have a section in the car park where all their recycling goes – and it’s free!

As featured in Reclaim issue 68

Issue 68 is available to buy here