Launched in January 2016, Reclaim celebrates antique, vintage, upcycled and eco interiors, property, products and lifestyle. We love the old and timeworn, stories, history, character and provenance, and how we can use them when we decorate, style or renovate our homes.

Reclaim continues to grow and build our wonderful community, which can’t be pigeon-holed! What does hold it together is curiosity and creativity, a belief in care and craftsmanship. Whether a salvage dealer or stylist, a vintage lover, upcycler, rummager, maker or reader looking for inspiration and originality for your home – we have you covered.

We’ve always been about both keeping and re-using old things and materials, and now with our planet under threat this is not just a style or design decision, it’s crucial. This is why we report on eco pioneers and companies who help to create a home with heart.

As we’ve grown, we’ve noticed that choosing salvage, antique, timeworn and reclaimed has become increasingly popular. It’s a trend (which we love, of course). But although we enjoy using the latest colour, and keep a curious eye on the catwalk, the latest designers and cutting edge products, we’re not about trends. Reclaim is a lifestyle, an attitude and a way of using the past to live well, right now.