Escape To The Château – The Finale

Back in October 2016, Reclaim had an exclusive peek behind the scenes of a relatively new series: Channel 4’s Escape to the Château. I spoke to Angel Strawbridge as she, partner Dick and their two very young children Arthur and Dorothy were filming series two.


Fast forward six years to October 2022, and I’m talking to Angel again as she films series nine. She and Dick are now married (the ceremony was, fittingly, at the château), the children are aged nine and eight, and the couple have hosted countless weddings, been on tour, launched product lines from cushions to stationery, installed a lift, created a potagerie suite, an annexe, a folly, a spin-off series. And fixed the roof. Along the way, they’ve generously shared every renovation, discovery and creative endeavour with warmth and humour. We’ve seen Arthur and Dorothy blossom and grow along with the château itself, gotten to know Angel’s parents, Steve the Builder and every corner of Dick and Angel’s property, and all the while the couple’s particular blend of genuine skill alongside their have-a-go attitude has kept us hooked.

Now, they have decided that series nine will be their last and, as it remains more popular than ever, I wonder why. ‘It’s not the end of renovations here, and it’s not the end of us working on TV with Channel 4,’ says Angel, who’s having a rare day to herself with Dick out on a school trip with Arthur and Dorothy. ‘We have more projects, a travel show, coming up. We’re never short of an idea!’

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Words: Loma-Ann Marks